Paranormal Study & Independent Research Organization of Central Pennsylvania

It is the mission of the  Paranormal Study and Independent Research Organization (PSIRO) to recognize and support the encouragement of quality research, critical thinking, and logic in an effort to examine and investigate extraordinary supernatural and paranormal type claims. 


The purposes of the research programs administered by the PSIRO are to investigate claims of paranormal and supernatural phenomena.

The PSIRO does not claim to be experts in paranormal phenomena. We are fully aware and understand that paranormal phenomena has not been proven to exist nor has any sufficient evidence been brought to light that would suggest otherwise. Regardless of the lack of sufficient evidence, thousands of people claim to experience currently unexplained events that warrant investigation and research to verify if they are truly explainable or not.

If you feel that your home or business is haunted and you are seeking answers, use the contact link above to send us a request for an investigation. All investigations are available at no cost to you.


The Ovilus (all versions) and the Paranormal Puck are devices created by the company Digital Dowsing that the paranormal community is using more often than not to try and communicate with “spirits”, despite the fact that neither the devices themselves have been proven legitimate nor have spirits been proven to exist, let alone, be able to communicate. It should be noted that on every single manual for their devices that paranormal investigators are using to “communicate” with the supposed dead, the company itself makes the following disclaimer “ For entertainment purposes only”. Furthermore, the company goes on to explain their device as the following (this was on all of the manuals):

The K-II is a device that I have a hard time comprehending people using as a communication tool. First, the device is not a communication tool with "spirits", it is an emf detector designed solely to measure electromagnetic fields. That is all. Its utilization outside of its recommended use has no basis for application.

Someone asked the question about video evidence and why orbs appear out of nowhere and disappear and how they change directions on their own. So, I created another diagram to explain just that. No, its not supernatural. It too has a very simple explanation.
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