Paranormal Study & Independent Research Organization of Central Pennsylvania

It is the mission of the  Paranormal Study and Independent Research Organization (PSIRO) to recognize and support the encouragement of quality research, critical thinking, and logic in an effort to examine and investigate extraordinary supernatural and paranormal type claims. 


The purposes of the research programs administered by the PSIRO are to investigate claims of paranormal and supernatural phenomena.

The PSIRO does not claim to be experts in paranormal phenomena. We are fully aware and understand that paranormal phenomena has not been proven to exist nor has any sufficient evidence been brought to light that would suggest otherwise. Regardless of the lack of sufficient evidence, thousands of people claim to experience currently unexplained events that warrant investigation and research to verify if they are truly explainable or not.


Paranormal claims are often the result of a particular belief system. Those that believe in ghosts and spirits will often attribute unexplainable events as ghostly phenomena, whereas if they believe strongly in demons and not ghosts, then often the claims of phenomena are geared around the demonic. Regardless of what is actually truth, the claims will almost always reside around the individuals’ belief. This is what we call the belief bias effect . People will tend to accept any and all conclusions that fit in with their systems of belief, without challenge or any deep consideration of what they are actually agreeing with and will tend to reject assertions that do not fit in with their belief systems, even though these statements may be perfectly logical and arguably possible (Straker). 
It is important in the research of claimed paranormal phenomena to understand not only the possible natural explanations that can take place in field investigations, but also the psychological effects that can also attribute to false positives and misinterpretations of data collected. When conducting field investigations, our perception is one of the most fundamental tools being used. Whether it is the interpretation of technical readings or relaying experiences in the field, perception is key, but also flawed.

When it comes to making money, there is no job better than that of the psychic medium. I mean, you really don't even have to be psychic to call yourself one. All you simply have to do is place a disclaimer on your site that states "for entertainment purposes only", which apparently means that even if you are so wrong in your reading that it makes you look the fool, it was all for entertainment anyways, so who really cares, right? The problem is that most people who seek out a psychic are not seeking entertainment, but rather answers to highly emotional conflicts that they are currently facing in their lives. Many want to speak or hear from a loved one who has died, others are seeking answers to missing persons, while some will want help with decisions they face for multitudes of reasons. Where does entertainment play any factor in what psychics are doing in their readings? 

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